Do Professional Gaming Products Make You a Good Player?

The answer is neither Yes or No, but wait why the hell is there no answer!?!

It’s simple, whereas a Scuf Controller may allow you to “drop shot” and “jump shot” faster, it does not make you a good Call of Duty Player. For example the point of a Scuf Controller would be to just enhance your ability to jump and dropshot to the next level (Of course this includes shooting as well, as you have trigger-stops etc) But a Scuf also allows you to push boundaries hence why pros such as our very own sB roster use Scuf controllers.

This is how professional gaming peripherals work, you need to be actually quite good at the game to take full advantage of the peripheral itself. For example, if you just got Call of Duty for the first time and grabbed a pair of Astro A40’s alongside, you’re not suddenly a badass player, you just have the advantage of listening to foot-steps and sound, but a decent Call of Duty player would still be able to take you out, but hold on a minute why?!? I have the best gaming headset but why is this guy still able to drop me?  Well my friend this is how Call of Duty or Any other FPS works like.

So… I’m a new player and I want to be good as a pro, help me? Sure buddy, how Call of Duty works is simple, it’s all based on Gun-Skill and awareness, to improve these skills within the game is simple and I’m going to sum it up with an overused quote because that’s how I roll. Anyway the quote is “Practise Makes Perfect.”

So shall I buy these gaming products? The answer is yes but when you’re ready to take advantage of them! No point buying a Scuf if you don’t take full advantage of its capabilities such as the back paddles, am I right?

So once you start to own noobs and hit some positive ratios, why not go try out your skills against other people like you! This can be done over at Gamebattles is your pathway to getting your name out there in the public and in MLG. This is the foundation of pretty much most or even every professional Call of Duty player. You can play singles, heck you and your friends can even play as a team, this can be done with the easy to use Team System with the Match Finding system. Once you start smashin’ Gamebattles why not try the MLG tournaments?

Goodluck we here at Strictly Business will support you! But hold on… How will you support us?

We will support you by allowing you to get an exclusive discount of 5% off a Scuf Gaming Controller! Just use code SBGaming at checkout and enjoy your new Scuf controller.

Also if you think you’re good enough already, go check out this article for a chance to be a substitute player for Strictly Business! 

Share your moments or come and play with our family members at the forums and register if you have not already!

(Also if you have any feedback, feel free to hit me up on the forums under the username Zak or just tweet @TGM_Fancy)

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