Dear Strictly Business Fans,We’re officially announcing that we will not be attending UMG Nashville, sorry to inform you of this terrible news and especially to those who are attending the event that were looking forward to seeing us there. This article will explain why we have made the decision to not attend UMG Nashville.

Over the last couple of events there have been several different winners, this is not just from teams simply improving but from the skill gap being so small, so it all pretty much depends on teamwork and the individual performance of each player on the day. We’re not looking into investing money for the event simply because we’re not confident in the game anymore, but don’t get us wrong, we’re still a professional Call of Duty eSports organization and we will be waiting for the next Call of Duty title (Advanced Warfare).
This year has been huge for us as an organization, from winning Call of Duty Regionals to getting a top 4 placing at Call of Duty Champs and many other top placing’s we’ve achieved after as well. So we hope that you, the #sBGNation can support this decision that we have made and will still continue to support us for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Strictly Business Development

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