Last night’s Game Awards was a sensational event highlighting the accomplishments of a multitude of game titles, organizations, and players that have been in the spotlight during 2016. In addition to recognizing the best and most-loved games of the year in several different categories, the Game Awards also gave us a preview of some of the games we have to look forward to in 2017.

Of the seven games previewed during the awards show last night, probably the least-known of them is Dauntless. Dauntless is an upcoming free-to-play PC game from Phoenix Labs, a company formed by developers who have previously worked for BioWare, Riot Games, Capcom, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Dauntless is an online co-op action RPG set in a sci-fi fantasy world. The world has undergone a cataclysmic event, and players take on the role of characters called slayers, elite warriors that protect the world from ferocious monsters called Behemoths.

The Behemoths draw their power directly from the earth and unleash their fury in the form of elemental energy. There are several different types of Behemoths that slayers will encounter, and it will be essential to learn the strengths and weaknesses of these foes in order to prepare for the battle against them.

Dauntless will be available to download for PC in 2017, followed by regular updates for years to come, all free-to-play, according to a statement released by Phoenix Labs. Find more info on Dauntless at or on Twitter!

Title image background credit: Phoenix Labs

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