You may or may not have heard but Strictly Business now has a Counterstrike team! That’s right, this is a huge step for us to move into different eSports categories than just Call of Duty.

So we at Strictly Business would like you to know our family members better and we’re doing this by doing an interview with the Co-Captain of the team!

The Co-Captain is “HVK”  and in this article you will get to know him a bit and about the team too, once again this is a huge step for us for expanding into other eSports genres.

How’s it feel being in an organization like Strictly Business Gaming?

(HVK- ) It’s great. You put all this effort in as a team over time and when an organization like Strictly Business approaches you and says “We want you, to fly OUR flag and represent us.” It’s just like this gigantic boost of morale. It helps reaffirm we’re making the right plays, and just gives even more energy and drive to play.

How do you feel on taking the role of a Co-Captain?

(HVK) It’s fun to be honest, my team-mates and I all get along great. Which makes the “job” really easy, the only time I feel like I’m doing work is trying to find out who’s free for what qualifier.

How long have you played Counter Strike for?

(HVK) Haha too long, I’ve played CS since the third wave of beta invites when the mod was still in its infancy, and have been competing since 2004.

Do you feel like this is a strong team?

(HVK) Definitely. I feel like our strengths rely on our unbreakable spirit. We seem to have something about us that even if we’re down in rounds, we can rally and bring the game back into our control.

What do you wish to accomplish for this team and the organization?

(HVK) My personal goal has always been to start from the bottom and compete with 4 like minded team-mates to improve and compete at a higher level. It’s a dream to receive this opportunity from Strictly Business so early in our team’s formation and we’re greatly appreciative of the faith they’ve put in us. Our goal whilst under their name is to exert a positive attitude and do them proud.

What got you into Counter Strike?

(HVK) Being a very competitive person who was active in sports a lot at that age, I was already hooked when I found out it was a game vs other players. And then first time I scrimmed with a team, I knew I was locked in haha.

PLUS I could put a silencer on M4, which for the era of gaming at that time, was unheard of.

Be sure to check out HVK’s social media links out and give him that #sBGNation Love!

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