MLG COD Champs NA Regionals Recap Article

After an exciting week 14 North American Teams qualified for the Call of Duty World Championships. Here are those who qualified-

Qualifying Teams-

-3sUp Enterprises

-Automatic Reload

-Below Zero

-Denial Esports

-Faze Black

-Faze Red

-Optic Gaming

-Optic Nation



-Team EnVyUs

-Team Kaliber

-Team Revenge

-Strictly Business


Top 8 (Matters For Seeding, Very Important)


8th– FaZe Black(Proofy, Study, Censor, Apathy)

Faze Black had qualified, but further into the tournament, they had been upsetted by getting knocked out into the losers bracket, by yours truly, Team Revenge. Team Revenge proved to the community that they’re a very good team on LAN and not just online warriors. This match had everyone expecting that FaZe Black would win, but that wasn’t the case. Although they lost to Team Revenge, they managed to make a solid Loser’s bracket run and achieved the 8th seed. Apathy, although not having played many maps, finished the weekend with the overall highest K/D of anyone at the event. Due to Proofy’s vacation trip, the team ended up having to forfeit their Sunday matches, so for all we know, they could have ended up getting a much higher seed.


7th– Team Kaliber (Sharp, Theory, Loony, Goonjar)

TK came into the event hot looking for a solid placing after their 3rd place finish at Season 1 playoffs. However, in order to advance in the tournament for a higher seed, they had to play Optic Gaming very Early, and although both the SND and CTF went to Round 11 and Overtime, TK ended up being 3-0d by Optic, winning one round of loser’s bracket, and then losing to Denial yet again. Although the team placed 7th, Theory played extremely well and tK fans hope to continue seeing that kind of Theory going into COD Champs.


6th– Team Revenge (Aqua, Nagafen, Remy, Faccento)

TR surprised many teams at the event, including upsets over both Faze Black and Denial. The team played very well and was especially known for Nagafen’s Ameli with Thermal Sight, which ripped everyone apart. Despite initial upsets, they were taken down by Faze Red and then Denial in the loser’s bracket.


5th– Team Envy(Merk, Nameless, Saints, Zooma)

Envy started out the weekend extremely hot, looking to be playing significantly better than they previously did at season 1 playoffs. However, this trend didn’t carry on through to Sunday, as the team was quickly taken out by Optic and then again by Optic Nation. This was likely due to the inconsistency of Saints and Zooma, who both made quite a habit of playing out of this world on one map, and horrible the next.


4th– Optic Nation(Killa, Mirx, Teepee, Karma)

Team 5 rings, a name given to them by their number of world championship rings, surprised many people throughout the regionals, due to the natural clutch factor of all four of the players, the team was essentially unbeatable in Search and Destroy. The only problem with this team, is their sheer amount of slaying power, winning a respawn for Optic Nation almost required one of the four players to have an amazing game while one or two players were below average. This led to many game 5 Search and Destroys, in which Optic Nation did a great job of clutching up. Examples include their game 5 round 11 against Strictly Business, in which Mirx and Karma were able to clutch a 2v4 for the win, exemplifying their clutch factor. Ultimately, they ended up losing to FaZe Red’s pure slaying power.


3rd– FaZe Red(Aches, Enable, Slasher, Parasite)

As Saturday approached and tK fell to Optic, FaZe Red seemed as the only team that could potentially play and defeat Optic Gaming. In the Winner’s bracket finals, they faced Optic and came in strong, completely outplaying  and slaying them to take Map 1 which was the Hardpoint. FaZe Red would then go on to losers final after losing 3-0 to OpTic. FaZe Red went on to play Denial at the Losers for a spot at the Grand Finals as well as the guaranteed 2nd seed. It should be noted however that Slasher played phenomenal and is becoming to be known as an amazing AR player, 2nd only to Formal


2nd– Denial Esports(Attach, Replays, Clayster, Jkap)

Denial most definitely had an interesting trip to arrive in the finals again. They lost to Team Revenge, and then proceeded to climb all the way through the loser’s bracket to face Optic Gaming yet again. Unfortunately, similar to Season 1 playoffs, they made it all the way to the finals only to be swept by Optic again. Clayster brought tons of hype however, and occasionally shook the venue with his voice but the 3-0 doesn’t justify on how each game was so close.


1st– Optic Gaming(Nadeshot, Crimsix, Formal, Scump)
This is now the third event in a row that Optic Gaming has won. The only teams that can even really seem to put up a fight against Optic are TK, Denial, and FaZe Red. However, all three of these teams were unable to clutch up and win close matches against Optic. Due to the pure clutch factor of these players, beating Optic in the last 30 seconds of a close respawn game or round 11 Search and Destroy seems virtually impossible. No matter what happens someone steps up. There were multiple times over the weekend one of the players had a very bad game, and the others simply step up to fill the place. This team is most certainly the favourite heading into world championship. They only dropped 1 map this entire event and that was in the winners final against FaZe Red.




Strictly Business Development

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