COD Champs is coming!

It’s that time of the year again! The Call of Duty Championship is here! This means that many pro teams are beginning the huge roster shuffle in order to prepare for the biggest tournament of the year. The prize pool, as before, is a whopping 1 million dollars. $400,000 of that will go straight to the first place team, leaving each player going home with $100,000 dollars. Esports fans around the world gather to prepare for the biggest event of the year, hosted in Los Angles.

Unfortunately for many pro players, due to the rules of the Call of Duty Championship, anyone below the age of eighteen cannot participate in the event, meaning there will be a lot of roster changes for teams that have players under the age of eighteen This forces many well-known players unable to compete in the tournament. Examples include Spacely from elevate, Slacked from JusTus, and both Huke and TJHaly, two players who recently placed second at UMG Orlando. Due to this, many teams such as JusTus and elevate have decided to make plenty of roster changes. At the moment most of elevate is looking for a new team, with Killa and Mirx recently playing with Optic Nation with TeeP and Karma. This has created a wave of roster changes everywhere, with essentially every team except for Optic and Team Kaliber making roster changes. Many teams are even changing to the point where they have a distinct team for the rest of the COD League, as well as a different team to get ready for COD Champs. The most noticeable of these changes include the duo of Apathy and Censor. These two are no longer playing on Faze’s league team, but rather playing on JusTus for the league. Meanwhile, they fully intend to play for Faze as a second team for Call of Duty Championships. Many other teams are also running with this strategy and having two different teams for the league and COD Champs.

Similar to last year, an online qualifier will be held in each region to prepare for the big event. Online qualifiers will be happening in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Both North America and Europe will also have a LAN event for regional qualifiers, in order to get to the big event. As far as rules, the only main rules are that each team must have at least 3 players from the same region. For example, although TK has Goonjar who is Canadian, since three of their players (Sharp, Theory, and Loony) are American, they are allowed to compete in United States qualifiers. However, Optic Nation had a team that consisted of Karma(Canada), TeePee(United States), Proofy(United States), and Swanny(Europe). Because there are not three people from the same country and region, this team will not be allowed to compete as an American qualifying team. Swanny, in fact, has already returned to Europe and is now back in place playing for Epsilon.

People all around the world are getting ready to be watching the biggest event of the year on March 27th through 29th. Many teams from last year are looking to redeem themselves, like both Killa and Mirx who didn’t even qualify. Also noteworthy, Karma is looking for his third straight win. Optic Gaming is arguably the favourite going into the tournament, considering two 3rd place finishes at previous COD Champs events, and the clear best team so far at the beginning of AW. Also nV has placed 2nd twice, with their new team of Merk, Nameless, Zooma, and Saints. With so many huge teams competing, COD Champs is sure to be as huge as ever when the end of March comes rolling around this year.


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