Hello, eSports enthusiasts! The biggest annual Call of Duty event that is known as the Call of Duty: Championship, is just right around the corner. Hosted in Los Angles from March 27-29th, Strictly Business, alongside with 31 other teams will fight for the $1,000,000 Prize Pool. This past weekend was the COD North American regionals.The following teams secured their spot in the Call of Duty Championship.

This past weekend was the COD North American regionals, the following teams secured their spot in the Call of Duty Championship.

  • 3sUp Enterprises
  • Automatic Reload
  • Below Zero
  • Denial Esports
  • Faze Black
  • Faze Red
  • Optic Gaming
  • Optic Nation
  • Orbit.NA
  • Prophecy
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Team Kaliber
  • Team Revenge
  • Strictly Business

These teams will go on to play for the $1,000,000 prize pool alongside with the other international teams who have qualified a few weeks prior to the NA regionals.

This year something has changed, something never done before. Activision has added a map called Drift to the map rotation. This map is from the Havoc DLC. You might be wondering, why would they make such a major change in the month of the event itself? Many people suspect it as a challenge to the Pro teams competing in the event. This is a perfect way to keep the Pro players on their toes and also to see which teams can adapt faster than others.

The map Drift is based in a Ski Resort which is set at the Rocky Mountains. This map features, map dynamic elements such as the avalanche that comes through the resort changing the map layout, affecting what lanes to push for players.

The map Drift was only added to the game mode Search and Destroy. Most players said that this is fair, because if it was added to all game modes, this would change the whole event, and players would not have enough time to get ready for all the gamemode changes.

We see that there is a ton of buildings and high scaffolds to get onto. We can already see that the Pro teams strong “AR” players will be sneaking around these high places to get a good overview of the map. This map is a medium sized map, so many people suspect that Pro players who run “Subs”, will have some trouble with the “AR” players on this map, but there is a lot of places to hide so it could go either way.

One major factor to also consider is spawn sniping, a player can easily double jump up or even ‘Hover’ right from spawn, to snipe the counter teams spawn. Getting a kill is very rare unless you’re a very skilled sniper, but this factor could easily change the pace of the game as it could lead to a quick first blood.

Overall the fans are going to enjoy watching new play styles, strategies and gameplay never seen before at a Call of Duty Advance Warfare Competetive event. We at Strictly Business would like to wish all the teams the best of luck going into this event and we will be looking forward to seeing how many teams will adapt to this new map.


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