Sledgehammer Games has announced the release of three new weapons dropping into the Advanced Warfare scene on Tuesday, July 21 for Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and PC users can expect to see these new weapons at a later date.

The base weapons of the new items unlock once players have received one of the new weapon variants from Advanced Supply Drops or Supply Drops. There are three new base weapons and a total of 20 new weapon variants coming to the game.


Image source: Sledgehammer Games


“The Blunderbuss is a short range shotgun that packs a punch. Delivering a great amount of damage up close in a wide spread, it has the drawback of a slow reload speed between the single shots. In the right hands, it can help players holding down objectives in Hardpoint or keep your team’s flag secure in Capture the Flag.”

The Blunderbuss will have 10 weapon variants. Sledgehammer has announced three names of these variants so far: Musketeer, Thunderpipe, and Dragon Fire.


Image source: Sledgehammer Games


“The STG44 makes a return to Call of Duty as a new Assault Rifle available in multiplayer. Known for its solid accuracy and manageable fire-rate, the STG44 works great for medium range combat situations.”

The STG44 will have five weapon variants. So far, only one of these variants’ names has been released: Iron Claw.


Image source: Sledgehammer Games


“The SVO is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle with great accuracy the trade-off being increased recoil. We’re excited to see how players combine this classic weapon with advanced tech attachments, such as Advanced Warfare’s thermal scope or kick it old school with iron sights.”

The SVO will have five weapon variants. The name of one of these variants has been released: Fury.

These new weapons will only be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Xbox 360 and PlayStation three players will not be able to receive these weapons in Advanced Supply Drops or Supply Drops.

In a recent fireside chat, Michael Condrey, studio head & co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, explained that hardware limitations prevent any new weapons from being available on older generation consoles.

“We have hit a hard memory limit on last generation consoles. This memory limit prevents us from adding more weapons to those platforms. We don’t like it any more than you, because we care about Advanced Warfare players on all platforms, but it’s a limitation that is outside of our control.”

These limitations will not affect the future release of Advanced Warfare’s 4th and final DLC pack, which will be available for all consoles as well as PC later this year.

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