First impressions last a lifetime…well, a year. With Advanced Warfare’s release, many eSports advocates were very anticipated for this game. Even I expected a lot, thankfully not to be let down.


I’m extremely happy with how the game is in its first week of life. However, no game is ever perfect the day it drops. Advanced Warfare has only a few things that need to be fixed in order to make this game “perfect” for eSports. To help improve the game, Sledgehammer Games needs to: balance the weapons (Bal-27, SMGs, RW1,) fix Hardpoint spawns, tune weapon camo challenges to be a little bit easier, lengthen certain Exo Abilities (Exo Mute), fix the ping bars to show accurate readings of internet speeds, and lastly, fix some camera angles when mantling objects. Other than that, the game is amazing, in my opinion.


To elaborate on the weapon balancing, the Bal-27 is too strong. None of the other ARs compare to its rate of fire, damage, or lack of recoil. Speaking of which, the SMGs can’t compete with any gun, regardless of power. They can’t do their job of up close and personal engagement.  By buffing the SMGs, it allows versatile players to use the SMG in a Hardpoint, or an AR in a CTF or SnD game. The SMGs need a buff to add a variety in the game for objective based game modes.

Only small adjustments are needed to make this game what everyone hopes for it to be, and not only to play competitively, but to enjoy as a pub stomper as well. Advanced Warfare will save the Call of Duty franchise if these changes are made and Sledgehammer Games listens to its community gives us what we ask for, unlike Infinity Ward did, or should I say didn’t, with Ghosts and Modern Warfare 3. Advanced Warfare has the opportunity to be the best Call of Duty ever made, and with developer support, it will be just that: amazing.


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