Avermedia the brand known for its superior and popular series of game capture cards is ready to dominate a new market and that market is audio. Avermedia have come out with their new product known as ‘BALLISTA TRINITY’.

The Design

The product features the trademark Avermedia Gaming brand colours (Black and Red) whilst maintaining a unique sleek design that sets the product cosmetically apart from any competitors. This system was designed for gamers in mind so it was designed in a way where it will make your set-up stand out alongside with your gaming peripherals.

The Satellites (The Two Speakers)

The satellites (What Avermedia refers to them as) power a staggering 14.5watts per satellite giving you a combined total of 29 watts! Each satellites gives you a total of 6 Ohm as well as frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 KHz.

The Subwoofer

It doesn’t take an audiophile to know what the role of subwoofer is. The subwoofer is what produces the bass and when it comes to bass with this system Avermedia went full out with their subwoofer. So remember how the satellites gave us a combined total of 29 watts? Well the subwoofer gives us a total of 48watts! That’s an insane amount of power behind that subwoofer. Why have Avermedia done this? The speakers are designed for gamer’s in-mind and they want the gamer to be immersed as much as they can be within the game. What about music? Rest assured these speakers sound absolutely amazing with music, where as it may be bass-heavy music such as dubstep or something light like RnB music.

The Control Box

The Control Box is the unit that will control everything from the level of bass or treble all the way to controlling the master volume of the speakers. The Control Box also allows you to power on and off the system so you don’t have to have the speakers powered all the time. The Control box features 3x 3.5mm Jacks allowing pass-through for sound (So if you want to use your headphone at times) As well as a jack for the microphone. The Control Box also allows you to enable the ‘Assassin Mode’ which I will explain in the next paragraph.

Assassin Mode

So what is the Assassin Mode? Well here is a passage from the Avermedia which explains it perfectly.

When the cry of battle requires a moment of silence, activate Assassin Mode. The essence of any game is lived through its audio. Living that passion is the design behind the Trinity Gaming Speakers. One feature in particular, Assassin mode is designed to push tonal balance to the limit under high volume conditions. Even when the need for quiet arises, you can rely on the Assassin mode function to provide superb bass sounds and crisp treble dynamics in a low volume situation. Assassin mode allows you to surround yourself with the sounds of battle without losing out on the soul pounding intensity.

Technical Information

The Final Verdict

The product delivers both amazing sound as well as an impressive design. This 2.1 Speaker System is a must for any gaming setup, the gaming oriented design will blend well with other gaming peripherals. This device is good for Game Sound, Movies/TV-Shows and Music, so don’t assume that it’s just engineered for gaming alone. Finally the Assassin mode really separates this device from the crowd and makes it unique. I highly recommended using the Assassin mode for when you’re playing FPS games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

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