Strictly Business Heading to DreamHack Valencia: An Interview with Tyler “Shoo” Sigston

Esports as a whole has seen tremendous growth recently, reaching and creating numerous communities with new products, new faces, and ...
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Response to Recent Comments

In a public statement today on Twitter, Syris “Bizarre” Barnes lashed out at the Strictly Business organization making unfounded claims ...
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Strictly Business Releases H1Z1 Substitute

Strictly Business is releasing their substitute for their H1Z1 King of the Kill team, Joel “JWLKR” Walker, for his recent ...
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Hey guys, My name is Geoffrey or Koast. I am a streamer for Strictly Business Gaming, and I mainly stream Fortnite. I started streaming during the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 era, but after a few months I was sent off to college without any of my equipment. I recently made my return in February of 2018 and am a full time streamer! I have a passion for competitive gaming, and entertaining, which is why I feel Twitch is the perfect home for me. I’m so ready to take over Twitch with Strictly Business!

Caitlin “VINELLE” O’Brien

Hey, i’m cate! i have been a call of duty streamer for Strictly Business since October of 2016. i’m a full time college student, earning my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Science with a minor in Neuroscience.

Stream Team Leader

“If you’re reading this, you already know, I’m being held hostage against my will please send help!

***SB Management; holding Negan bats, hand me a script***

Uhhhh what’s that…. oh, I’m supposed to say that? Really?

***SB Management point at bats***

Ok, I’ll say it.

Ladies and gentleman. My names rh and I’ve joined SB gaming, I will imagine you all as a beautiful redhead, recently single, not looking to date but ready to fall in love, and fate has put you in my stream and all I can wonder is what it takes to please you.

That’s the job I want; Part time, full time, I want to be good at it, bad at it, I want to get promoted, fired, corner office, hostile takeover, workplace accident I’m on my knees, praying, worshipping, begging, whatever you want. Now stop by and come say hi, drop a follow, and fall in love.

Jesse “Drbluejay” Kaderlik

21 year old from Minnesota, who love video games, sports (mostly basketball), skateboarding, and my 6 dogs and my cat!
Pokémon Yellow is my favorite game, I collect Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, and also Funko Pop Figures!


Hey I’m Red Berzerker, Iv been a gamer since I picked up a controller at a young age I’m here to bring you Viking rage an entertainment an good gameplay raiding the gaming community come join an become a Viking/ Shield Maiden and together we will grow an talk about endless victory’s in Valhalla!


I enjoy streaming and interacting with my viewers. Im mainly a COD streamer but i will play other games as well.Stop by my social media and follow me for updates when i go live.


Age:29 Name: Anthony Stream type: Variety Gam3k3y is a variety broadcaster focused on high community interaction and the experiences he can bring from TheArcade. He plays everything even though he has a passion for rpg’s, competitive, and adventure games.


My name is Dan aka Captainredb3ard! I joined Strictly Business Gaming in April of 2018! I am passionate about gaming and broadcasting. My favorite title of all time is Fallout 3 but I absolutely love multiplayer interaction, call of duty, pubg, rainbow six siege! Im not the best gamer but my content quality is superb! I currently main on pc but love my ps4! If you’re looking for a good time, you’ve found the right guy!


Hi my name is jazz an i am an Live streamer on tv. I’ve been doing this for 3 years going on 4 from inspirational people threw out the community that made me want to achieve a goal in the gaming community by spreading love. It’s always been in my heart to play video games an have fun, but never thought it would be more fun to impact someones life in a positive way by playing the games live. This is me and glad you got the message.


I’m Missxblondiee and I am a member of Strictly Business Stream Team from New Brunswick, Canada. You  can just call me Blondiee ;). I’m always positive and sassy on and off stream. No negativity aloud! I am very interactive with my XFam/Squad. I game with them, talk to them on discord and even help them achieve their content creating goals! Streaming broke me out of my shell and without streaming I would still be this shy, quiet girl playing video games. I hope to inspire people to achieve their goals and to follow their dreams no matter what others think or say.


My name is Doug I’m 23 and streaming is my passion! I’m a full time worker and part time streamer always trying to better myself and others. I’m also deep into fitness if I’m not streaming or working I’m in the gym making gains!